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Welcome to the home base for Team Forests! Team Forests are the tall and mighty champions for forest conservation in Virginia's capital region! Join the team and grow deep roots in urban and rural forest management, carbon capture, and more!



Team Forests is generously sponsored by Davey Mitigation

Team Forest Events

Webinar: Virginia Forestry & Forest Carbon

October 7th, 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Join us for this educational program with guest speakers Christine Cadigan, Senior Director of the Family Forest Carbon Program at the American Forest Foundation, and Terrance Lasher, Assistant State Forester with the Virginia Department of Forestry as they grow our knowledge of how forestry enhances the ecosystem services which we depend on no matter where we live! Earn 75 points for Team Forests!

Volunteer: Tree Planting at the Science Museum of Virginia

October 9th, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Take action with Team Forests to plant trees and shrubs provided by Enrichmond TreeLab along the Science Museum of Virginia's ProtoPath - a converted railway path turned pedestrian corridor! We'll be joined by Science Museum staff to learn about how this planting contributes to a long term project to combat the urban heat island in Scott's Addition by growing the urban tree canopy! Earn 100 points for Team Forests!

Submitting Points

Points for a Signature Event: If you have registered for a 2021 Conservation Games signature event and you attend the event, you do not have to email your staff liaison in order to get points. We already have record of your attendance!


Points for a Community Event: If you attended another community event that was listed on the event calendar, email your Team Forests staff liaison Jane at with your name, the event name, and if you also shared a selfie or post online about the event. We will not be able to give you the points you earned unless you email your staff liaison! Earn 50 points for Team Forests by attending a Community Event!


Points for an independent activity: If you attend an event that you think supports conservation efforts in the Richmond region or organize your own self guided clean-up, learning activity, etc., share a picture of you doing the activity on social media to earn points and then email the Team Forests staff liaison Jane at to let her know what you did and where it was shared online!

Stay Tuned through the Team Forests Google Group

Once you register for the Conservation Games and join Team Forests, you will be added to the Team Forests Google Group listserv. Your team co-captains will use this channel to send you updates about Team Forests events, standing in the competition, and answer questions:

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